JAYA organics kreiert sinnliche und nachhaltig produzierte Bekleidung für Yoga, Tanz und Freitzeit: Yogahosen, Yogatops, Shirts, Jacken, Kleider und Röcke, die aus Bio Baumwolle und Bambus-Viskose unter fairen Bedingungen in Nepal gefertigt werden. Finde deine Lieblingsstücke in unserem onlineshop. Enjoy Yoga - Enjoy your Self
JAYA organics creates sensual and sustainable clothing for yoga, dance and leisure: Yogapants, yogatops, shirts, jackets, skirts and dresses manufactured in Nepal under fair conditions from biological cotton and bamboo viscose. Find your favorite pieces in our onlineshop. Enjoy Yoga - Enjoy your Self

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choose fair + organic

The idea of Jaya is based on the sustainable production of high-quality goods in the spirit of the Yoga concept Ahimsa:
the non-violent and mindful treatment of ourselves and our surroundings.
In Nepal, we have found a suitable and experienced partner for the production of our garments.
We are glad to help the economic build-up of Nepal, thereby contributing to its independence.

We cooperate with one of the first companies utilizing ecological materials:
Women and men work in well-equipped studios under
fair conditions and are payed fairly.
Our regular visits and an open, amiable relationship with
our partners ensures the high quality of our garments.


We only use biological cotton wool in the production of our collection.
Natural resources are cultivated and processed according to international guidelines.
This entails not utilizing chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or genetically modified seeds.
Nature as well as humans both benefit, which ensures the special quality of our cotton.
Furthermore, using organic cotton helps farmers in manufacturing countries to sell
their products for a fair price, in order to achievea safe and healthy existence for themselves.

In India, we only use skin- and environment-friendly dyes for the coloration of our garments, which are classified by
the ecological textile standard 100.
We also use silk-screen print with water-soluble colors.
In choosing the production of sustainable clothing we aim at improving the health of our earth and of all people involved in
our production cycle, ourselves included.
…take care and enjoy


light up yourself

…and the others.

The word “Jaya”derives from Sanskrit and can be translated as the victory of light over darkness. It is being used to praise God, but can also mean the “Mastery of the senses”.

In addition to the appreciation of and care about nature and humans, creating a positive work environment is a further important reason for the sustainable production of a piece of clothing.
Good working conditions and amiable openness within our team continue to create new possibilities, encourage development and help maintain a positive and joyful environment that uplifts and inspires others as well.
All these aspects come together in our final product.

designed with love+ produced with love= JAYA

We want this good spirit to be felt in our clothes and inspire the wearer to feel even more beautiful- from both inside and outside. We want out customers to let their own light shine in order to enlighten others as well:
Look forward to uplifting experiences with your favorite clothes.


practice love

be inspired !



live yoga

Yoga begins with relaxation, a state of balance of body, spirit and soul.
Its basis is a good and joyful feeling of one’s physical self and a sense of being at peace, in harmony with oneself and others.
The path of the Yogi is the path of the hero, who sets forth to find his true self.
With courage, trust, commitment and love he or she overcomes all (inner) obstacles step by step in order to become more conscious, awake and loving.
Like a tree, deeply rooted in the earth, we grow towards the light, in order to someday detach and dance with the celestial bodies…
…relax and enjoy yourself.