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lookbook 2018


The new collection is out now!
Eco + fair fashion for yoga, dance, beach and leisure:
The #balilove catalogue is a declaration of love and dedication to the island of the Gods, to their beauty, their creativity, their cool places with wonderful people who have inspired us deeply in their devotion, humility and gratitude.
Come and ride with us on our scooters through the rice fields, to the beaches, to cool cafes with unique street art and lifestyle, further to the Tibumana waterfalls – if you are lucky you can sneek a peak at the mermaid – up to the cliffs of Kedungu Beach at Bali’s west coast.

Our organic cotton and viscose clothing for men and women is produced in Nepal and Bali: fair, vegan and eco.
All pieces of the collection can be combined with each other – or with your favourite clothes: yoga and summer tops, bra`s, t-shirts, longsleeves, sweaters, jackets, shorts, yoga pants, trousers, leggings, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits and accessories.

CLICK HERE to see the lookbook

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Shree Shanti Biddya Primary School, Nepal:

After the earthquakes in 2015, we launched a fundraising initiative for the Shree Shanti Biddya Primary School in Nuwakot, Nepal.
The natural catastrophe not only destroyed many houses, but also the school in the small mountain village.
Through the great cooperation with Nepalaya and several collection and sales campaigns, we soon had enough together to build a new school for the 150 children.
Since then we have also financed a teacher for the school, because the state does not pay enough teachers.
Top and right, October 2016:
In the pictures you can see the new school shortly after its opening – in purple and white.
To the right are the ruins of the old school. The children are waiting for us with flower chains after we have hiked up the mountain for 2 hours.
(the school is not accessible by car…).
Basu from Nepalaya and Julia from Jaya happy and heavily hung with flowers.
Above: November 2015
On the left the school directly after the earthquake – or what was left of it – and the building site for the new school with steel beams and building materials. When we arrived there, workers dug the large holes into which the foundation was poured with shovels and pimples. The water for the cement was fed directly into the holes and mixed there.
On the far right you can see an intermediate solution for classrooms during construction: board sheds with plastic – so at least the lessons can continue.
Thanks to everyone who helped and donated, all your donations went directly to the school project <3 <3 <3

friends help friends:

Jaya supports Friendcircle-Worldhelp,
an organization that helps people in
need in India and around the world.
Their projects include soup kitchens,
distribution of clothing for street
children, support for schools, medical
supplies for leprosy villages, and
general help for self-help in many
different ways. All associates are
volunteers and privately finance their
expenses for travel and residency, in
order to ensure that 100% of the
donations are provided for the needy.
Here you can see a few impressions of concrete projects.
Up top: Standing in front of their new school, children of the leprosy colony Chakia proudly present their donated umbrellas that will protect them from the monsoonn rains.
Top left: Everybody helps digging a ditch for a new water pipe that will supply four villages in southern India with water and enable the villagers to farm during the dry season.
Top right: The donated cow provides a family with milk, cheese and trade opportunities.


On the right: These children enjoy their new self-knit caps. Besides donating clothing, Friendcircle-Worldhelp also provides blankets, since winters in northern India are very cold.
Below: A video of an elderly man receiving medical attention.
Jaya supports this wonderful project with regular contributions from its profits.
More information and reports, as well as the opportunity to donate or become involved, can be found here:


„Be the change you want to see in this world.“ Mahatma Gandhi



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Jaya on tour:

Yoga beneath the open sky and sunshine at the Wannsee…

danke 2

j+l 4 format
Peace, love+ harmony.
The yogafestival took place
for the last time at this
beautiful location.
On the right: dear neighbors.
Below: Janin Devi dances
wearing Dress Sita by Jaya.
nachbarn 2
janin tänzer


Yoga World

stuttgart 2015 2
Jaya girls having fun: Spring 2015, not only customers and neighbors are having fun at the Yoga World in Stuttgart, but Agnes, Linda and Julia as well. On this fair you can find everything about yoga and many workshops to participate or watch.

Schloss Mannheim

Elena Brower and Spring Groove
transform the Mannheimer Schloss into
a yoga tempel. We feel right at home in
this beautiful location with castle gardens
and the lovely hosts Ann and Isa from the
yoga studio FLOW




Stand of Jaya at the Innatex in Wallau, August 2013.
Tradeshow for sustainable textiles.



Great weather,
great mood, tons
of music, love food,
wheat grass juice
and satisfied
customers at the
Yogafestival 2013

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yoga in nature

Bali is the perfect place for yoga in nature.
Feel the clearing energy of the Tibumana waterfalls, sometimes the case has surprisingly 2 streams
– truly magical!
And maybe you’ll even be lucky to experience the rare moment, where the mermaid dances out of the water…
On the beaches with the wind in your hair and the calming sound of the sea:
you feel connected immediately. Best time to go:
sunrise and sunset.
Breathe the salty breeze and flow with the waves, well grounded on rocks and sand.
Or meditate in the jungle, undisturbed, with soft background music:
birds sing their songs, the gentle rustle of bamboo and palm leaves soothe the restless mind:
to go inside is easy when everything around us is in perfect harmony.
One with your self and one with all beings.
… and sometimes you meet other shining souls:
that man crossed our way just as he was going to the water temple went to fill holy water into his 3 old
Coca-Cola plastic bottles:
time to laugh together, to connect and to bless each other.



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